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Title: Spirit Of Jezebel Continued
Description: Part Two

Stace4Jesus - November 9, 2005 07:20 PM (GMT)
Jezebel, part 2
... by Nita Botzenmayer


Deep Convictions

Jezebels are usually people of deep convictions. As mentioned earlier, many people controlled by the Jezebel spirit have a true heart for God and earnestly desire to serve Him. The original Jezebel was devoutly religious - but was at total enmity with God. She worshipped at the altar of Baal (worship of the flesh). Modern-day Jezebels may indeed believe they are serving the one true God; however, the true hidden agenda is self-worship.

Murmuring, Complaint, and Criticism

Jezebels utilize the spirits of murmuring and complaint and criticism, which are "servant spirits" in her stronghold. She uses criticism of perceived faults in others to build up her own self-esteem, and to justify her disobedience of, or lack of respect for, others. Because she tends to perfectionism, as mentioned above, any fault she finds in others is grounds for disobeying their authority. She uses criticism as a tool to manipulate those around her, and along with murmuring and complaint, causes divisiveness to weaken her opposition and thereby gain control over or destroy them.


Jezebels are lustful spirits with lust for power being primary; however, as mentioned earlier, their lust may be manifested sexually, if it will bring the desired result. The manifestation varies from a wife withholding sexual union from the husband for manipulative purposes, to utilizing sexual temptation to draw one more powerful into a compromised position that will cause his destruction or downfall.

Angry Display

Jezebel displays angry, vicious and sometimes violent behavior when opposed. She will turn on the one who refuses to do her will or submit to her (especially if she has been successful in manipulating this person in the past), frequently with a vicious, berating verbal attack aimed at humiliation. The emotional damage caused by these outbreaks can be devastating to the one at whom she directs her wrath. This is often the source of terrible emotional wounds for her children and spouse.

When this angry behavior happens in public, it often exposes the true spirit in operation to others who may have been previously deceived.

Infirmities and Disease

Jezebels frequently ENJOY poor health, especially the "low-profile" type. For them, it is a tool for attention, sympathy and other forms of manipulation. It usually has one of two purposes - to manipulate others into serving them, or to avoid doing something they do not wish to do.

Although this manifestation is not limited to the Jezebel personality, it is often a strong trait displayed. As each complaint is discovered by those around her not to be as serious as she claims, she must develop still other infirmities, more serious and/or more bizarre than the previous ones, to maintain her control or attention.

The Jezebel personality will frequently develop debilitating illnesses that are hard to diagnose or treat, or a combination of illnesses which cannot be treated together. For example, I have seen one Jezebel who now has ulcerative colitis and arthritis. Treatment of the arthritis with anti-inflammatory medications makes the colitis flare up, and some of the colitis treatments appear to exacerbate the arthritis - putting this Jezebel in a "catch 22" worthy of much sympathy. Other common afflictions are fiber-myalgia and lupus, both considered incurable (though not life-threatening).

Note: these afflictions are not limited to the Jezebel spirit's victim; they may be manifestations of the self-pitying rejectionist attempting to garner attention, as well as other spiritual influences utilizing this form of manipulation, or they may be unrelated to a demonic stronghold altogether.

The tragedy is that this form of "invited infirmity" eventually leads to real physical problems, and becomes a part of the destruction wrought on the victim by this spirit.

Revile Authority

Jezebels revile (despise and show no respect for) authority. Building on "fear of authority" (especially since men are frequently the authority figures who originally hurt them) coupled with rebellion, she hates anyone placed in authority over her, and seeks to destroy them and take their power. An early manifestation in childhood is a lack of respect for self or others, and no respect for possessions, either theirs or others'.


In addition to destroying those around her, Jezebel especially hates the victim she is controlling (remember the mission of Jezebel--to kill the prophets: the victim is often herself anointed of God to be prophetic), and will ultimately cause her victim to self-destruct. This is the "black widow spider syndrome" of the Jezebel spirit. Black widow spiders kill their mates. In the spirit realm, there are two applications: 1)the Jezebel seeks to kill the male authority figure (or prophet), 2)she seeks to kill her victim (which is mated to her when Jezebel takes control).


Jezebels curse everyone, bringing a curse upon themselves, most of the time unwittingly. Criticism is a form of cursing, both of the person being criticized, and of God their Maker. Murmuring and complaint is a cursing of circumstances, which also curses God for allowing them. Jezebel is a master of criticism, murmuring and complaint, as mentioned previously.

Superiority Complex

Jezebels frequently perceive themselves as intellectually and/or spiritually superior to others, and "talk down" to others. This attitude is actually despising others.

Hates Repentance and Humility

Because the Jezebel spirit is prideful and rebellious, she hates repentance and humility. These are two mighty weapons which can be used against her. This is also a key in discerning this spirit.

Bitterness and Resentness

Bitterness and resentment against past hurts and offenses are nurtured in the victim by the Jezebel spirit, because she knows a root of bitterness will grow like a cancer and manifest itself in all sorts of physical ailments, which she can use as tools of manipulation, as noted above. Of course, this cancer of bitterness is also slowly destroying the victim.

In many cases, the countenance of the victim gradually grows more and more unattractive, and in the end, victims controlled by the Jezebel spirit may resemble the witch?like crones which symbolize witchcraft, where this spirit is birthed. The victim rots from the inside out, physically and spiritually.

Jezebel Covens

Perhaps because they are all drawn to power, many Jezebels will be drawn to the most influential Jezebel in operation in a local church setting. Though done unconsciously, it has the effect of a full-fledged witches' coven, with a high priestess in charge, sitting in the local church body, often with harmful or devastating results.

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Guidelines for Intercession


Although mercy and deliverance is available from God, until the person being controlled by the Jezebel spirit is fully delivered, Holy Spirit-guided caution should be exercised in dealing with this person. Care should be taken in giving a place of recognition or authority to the victim, as it feeds this spirit. This warning is derived from Revelation 2:20-23, and should not be taken lightly. Remember the stated mission of the Jezebel spirit: to kill (destroy) the prophets of God.

Use Discernment and "Test the Spirits"

The victim controlled by Jezebel may exhibit many gifts and have a true heart for God. One reason she is a victim is that Jezebel is out to kill HER.

The gifts and callings are without repentance (Rom. 11:29). In other words, the gifts are given by the Holy Spirit without regard to "merit" - you can't earn them.

We are commanded to "test the spirits" (I Jn. 4:1). To test for Jezebel, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, remember:

1)"You shall know them by their fruit" (Matt. 7:16), not their gifts.

2) Jezebel hates humility and repentance. She will refuse or dodge a call for either one of these to be done in her life, or fake it if "boxed in", even by "falling out in the Spirit".

3) The characteristics, personality, and methods of operation will usually manifest themselves openly at times. The seducer is often blatantly obvious to everyone except the person being seduced.

The Word admonishes us to "walk circumspectly" - to be observant of what's going on (Eph. 5:15). Defiance of and lack of submission to genuine authority will usually manifest itself clearly, giving the force behind it away. The key is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's guidance and discernment, being careful not to become critical or judgmental yourself.

Denial is Routine

Much intercessory warfare may be required for the victim to be delivered. Victims must first recognize deliverance is needed. It is rare that a person, if directly confronted and told Jezebel is the problem, will believe and accept it. Denial is routine. There is always some other reason for their behavior, and it is true that other spiritual influences may be actively in operation.

Often, a Jezebel will have gone through a "deliverance" ministry earlier, and been told they were totally and completely delivered. However, because doors were not properly shut in the spirit realm, the Jezebel spirit was able to return, unbeknown to the victim, with free rein and multiplied in power (Luke 11:24-26).

The victim now believes a lie: that they are fully delivered, and cannot be deceived by the enemy since they are now completely Holy-Spirit controlled. I have heard this type of "confession" from two Jezebels, even after reminding one of them of the warning of Jesus in Matthew 24:24. The Jezebel now operates freely in her victim, masquerading as the Holy Spirit, with the victim (and many of those around her) fully deceived.

Use Compassion and Understanding

Jezebels generally have a deep lack of self-worth and understanding of God's love for them personally, regardless of the amount of knowledge of the Word. There is such a desperate need of fulfilling self-worth they are ruthless to gain any measure of recognition, even if they already have it. They will step on whoever gets in their way, and many times not be aware they are.

Because of rejection and Jezebel, they cannot properly understand the principle of identity in Christ, though they may believe it intellectually. Indeed, there may be a fear of loss of identity associated with "identity in Christ".

There is also a fear of loss of blessing ("what will I lose in giftings, control, etc.?") if they turn and renounce their stronghold. This is another manifestation of lack of trust in God that His blessings cannot far exceed those which are already there, or that He would take away blessing He has already bestowed.

The Lord gave me a vision to illustrate a person victimized by the Jezebel spirit. It was a picture of a huge, ugly, strong "alien"-like being with a metallic-looking body, as in the movie, "Alien". The Jezebel spirit was a "superstructure", or "exoskeleton", like the hard body of a beetle. Inside was the victim, a "puddle" of bloody, gelatinous mass lying on the ground (the Lord gave me "X-ray vision" ). The victim was lonely, afraid (particularly of being abandoned), forlorn, and in terrible spiritual pain. With that vision, the Lord gave the understanding that deliverance from the Jezebel spirit with the victim in that condition would destroy the victim entirely.

Strengthen the Inner Man

The first step in intercession and in the victim's gaining deliverance from the Jezebel spirit, then, requires that the inner man be strengthened by the Lord (Eph 3:16).

This is the first principle of deliverance from any demonic stronghold. If you are interceding for the victim, begin to call forth strength in the inner man for them.

Be aware that God may give the victim some recognition in order to build up their inner man for deliverance. It may appear that the Jezebel spirit is being fed, when in actuality, the victim's inner man is what is being nurtured. This is why those dealing with the Jezebel-controlled victim must be careful to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit toward them. The goal is for the victim to become strengthened by the Lord to the degree that the stronghold can be exposed and the victim will choose to turn to the Lord, turning her back on the Jezebel and renouncing it in her life.

Maintain an Attitude of Repentance and Humility

These are two mighty weapons against the Jezebel spirit. She hates them both, as mentioned before. If you display these qualities before her, you may even be despised and reviled by her openly. However, they disarm her weapons against you, serve to expose the Jezebel spirit, and are critical for you if you are interceding for her, your local body, or your region.

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