Before we really get started, I’d like to say that this RP site, though written in a school setting, is rated at least PG-13 for violence, mature subject matter, occasional sexuality and out-and-out teenaged angst. The chances are that if you stick around long enough you’re going to read things that may scar the average twelve-year-old. This is a disclaimer so you can’t yell at me later, or you can, and I can laugh at you hysterically, and then rub this disclaimer in your face.
You have been warned.

1.) Write in third person. While I realize that there’s nothing wrong with first person writing, for the sake of better formatting I’m going to ask that everyone that plays on Four Points writes their characters in third person, past-tense. This is an example of third person, past-tense writing: Tedd walked across the street and picked up a shiny basketball. “Wow,” he said, “I wonder who left this here?” Second person is just annoying.

2.) Punctuate. When your character is speaking, use quotations (‘, or “) to signify that fact. Utilize commas (,) and periods (.) so that the rest of us dontbecomefrustratedwiththeneverendingjumblethatyouwrite. Spaces are also helpful, as is breaking your writing up with the almighty paragraph; also, there is no need to surround your actions with asteriks or any other weird and wonderful symbols. We aren’t asking you to be grammar wizards (not all of us can be perfect ^~), but we are asking you to try.

3.) Do not God-play. God-playing is where you write in the actions, speech or emotions of another character - and it’s just plain rude. Often you can seriously tick off the person whose character you are manipulating, and that’s never nice.

4.) Keep your play realistic. Yes, I realize that Four Points is an Academy for the Occult and advanced technologies, but it is based in modern-day reality. You are not allowed to have unrealistically powerful characters that can shoot fiery snot-balls out their nose or make people’s brains explode. You do not own a super-sweet sentient sword that controls the universe. You are not immune to every type of physical or magical attack known to man. You are not otherwise stupid and cheap, or the headmistress will delete your sorry ass. If someone stabs you, you will bleed. Get over it.

5.) Killing another person’s character is not allowed, unless the owner of the character gives you permission, OOC. In the case that a ‘duel to the death’ is required, please PM an admin or student council rep, who would be happy to judge the battle OOC. Keep in mind that this is a SCHOOL, and killing your peers is most definitely against the rules. Murder is illegal, and besides expulsion, your character will be looking at legal consequences, as well. Remember, realism is key. ^~

6.) Rule five is void in the instance that your character enters certain ‘creature’ boards, such as the Ruins or Manor. Then, the ‘creatures’ may legally kill your character without your consent. Posting there at all is waiving your right to complain about it, so keep that in mind at all times. These boards will have a warning in the forum description, so you can't claim you didn't know!

7.) Don’t advertise. Four Points isn’t a classified website. If you advertise your website on our boards, the link will be deleted – but feel free to have the link in your profile or signature. This rule is basically to avoid an avalanche of spam. No one likes spam. Except on toast.

8.) Account names. Your account name must match your character name. If you want to change your account name, PM one of the admins and they'll take care of it - please don't sign up for a half-dozen accounts that you don't plan on using. Multiple accounts for multiple characters are allowed.

9.) Placeholder posts: Please don't. Don't post in a thread unless you have a finished post to offer us; it just puts an unnecessary drag on things. If you'll be busy and can't log on for a while, that's fine; we know these things happen, and we promise not to leave you too far behind.

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