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 Surviving, From the Ash and Smoke, Ian Lives
Ian Roromi
Posted: Sep 6 2006, 09:10 AM

Earth Alliance

Group: Members
Posts: 63
Member No.: 327
Joined: 5-January 06

(OCC: figured I might as well get my guy back into action.)

There was a faint noise, something barely audible. Cracking his eyes open the first thing he saw was a shattered world with blood stains all over the inside of his helmet. Then Ian knew what it was he was hearing, it was his own labored breathing. Sucking on the air to get more awake Ian choked violently and coughed up more blood on the inside of his helmet. The way Ian was position was so his body was hanging in the straps of a seat, his mobile suit cockpit actually. His body would have fallen on the display in front of him were it not for the straps.

Ian gulped in more air to get more alert, he had no idea what had happened, all he could remember was getting hit hard in battle and blacking out. His helmet was so stained with blood and webbed with cracks that he couldn’t make out anything outside of it. Slowly, painfully the EA pilot reached up to take off the helmet. With a loud groan he managed to pull it off after some effort. He was still inside his mobile suit, the system was completely shut down and some of the displays were shattered. Slowly but surely, Ian fondled around until he reached the emergency systems to open the hatch.

With a metallic groan the hatch finally popped open and fell off to the sand and rocks a couple feet below. Still dazed, Ian purely relied on instincts to drag his body outside of the mobile suit. He stumbled a few feet away from the shattered machine; the only recognizable portion was the torso and the right upper arm, everything else was missing. Ian blankly stared at the crash site before falling down on the soft sand. As the sun set on the ocean horizon Ian faded into a sleep.

Hours later Ian woke up as the tide brushed up against his cheek. He shot up, sitting in the sand, jumpy from the battle still. Suddenly realizing he moved too quickly he coughed until he hacked up some more blood on his already stained gloves. Gathering himself he finally decided that he needed to act like a soldier and get moving. Like a zombie he went back to the cockpit to get his survival kit, among other things.

He dragged out a bag, which was filled with rations, a med kit, a radio, a flare gun, and an MP5 machine gun. After strapping the bag on himself he fumbled through the cockpit with his knife, opening up a particular panel. Inside the panel was an emergency system meant to demolish the mobile suit completely, it was after all an experimental machine and its technology was fairly sensitive. He found a lever and pumped it so he could charge the self-destruct system. It took a few laboring moments to get the system charged but soon he was able to arm the system and set up the timer. By the time Ian hit the switch to activate the system he was feeling more alert. He put the timer to five minutes that way he wouldn’t have to run away, he wasn’t feeling at a hundred percent after all.

As he walked down the shoreline he coughed some more then finally rasped out, “I guess this is God’s cruel joke on me…” he coughed violently then composed himself and kept on walking, “I can’t leave this world until I’ve repaid my debt to my dead friends’ families.” Ian paused to ponder how far he was from the crash site; he checked his watch then looked back at the mobile suit remains. Much to his surprise the explosion was rather large, causing Ian to flinch instinctively. The loud “boom” fallowed and after the blinding light and clouds disappeared all that was left was black sand and shrapnel. “Thank you for saving my life Engel, perhaps I will have a chance to really pilot you in the future…”

Ian turned from the site then continued to walk down the shore line, it was starting to get late and he had to find a way to get back to Berlin.

“I guess I’ll have to get a whole lot stronger if I’m going to have a chance of surviving this war… Coordinators may be gifted… I’m just going to have to be determined beyond a normal Human’s aspirations.”

Funny how that’s how it all got started… my friends and me had gotten our hands on a GINN back before the Naturals had mobile suits. We decided we could transcend the Natural’s fate of being inferior to the Coordinators by making Beta OS for Naturals. If that OS would have worked then I could have saved them.

Ian and his friends had grown up on the moon as military brats. With military connections they were able to get their hands on a scrapped GINN and were able to rebuild it and make a beta natural OS. When they were ready they took the GINN to the debris belt to test out the system. Ian was selected as the group’s test pilot while his friends would monitor the results from their shuttle. Tragedy struck when a reconnaissance GINN discovered they’re heretic experiment, it made quick work of Ian’s seven friends onboard their shuttle. Ian watched helplessly from a GINN, which wouldn’t respond to his command. He was shot down and miraculously spared in the chaos. He would live to bear the shame of his friend’s death, and be forced to fight the war by the insistence of his friend’s angered families. They wanted blood to repay their children’s deaths either Ian’s or the enemy’s, and Ian wasn’t selfless enough to repay with his own life, he chose the latter.

Ian brought up his blood stained glove and flexed his hand into a fist, “No more taking this lightly, if they want me to kill Coordinators so be it, I’ll give them the revenge they want… As soon as I’m done repaying the favor though they better pray I’m still the same person I am now… otherwise I just might have to kill them…”

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