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 Coordinates Reached, Arrival at Sextilis
Posted: Jun 30 2006, 03:54 AM


Group: Members
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Joined: 29-April 06

“Damn, he was a bit faster than I thought”, as messaged a slight cut along her inner thigh.

Ripping a piece from her under shirt, she tied it up. The bleeding stopped, and after a few minutes so did the throbbing annoyance.

The vents were a bit chilly, but she would be okay, or at least she thought she would.

Peeking through the multitude of vent covers, seeing what was inside. She found nothing really of interest on the first two sub-levels, except one room, a weapons testing room, before mass production. She saw a weapon that was like a mix between a shotgun and a grenade launcher, he overhead tem calling it a CX-3 Canister rifle.

Valida smiled as she knew, if there was a gun to get something done, that its versatility would be near a necessity.

“Ok, so one pit stop.” she said sarcastically.

She waited till the scientists locked it up in the gun locker and took their notes with them. Busting out of the vent, she whipped her gun out, and banged on the lock of the gun locker. After a few good whacks, it came undone. It was lighter than she expected, a few clips where in a shelf nearby, with a box of rounds. She was fascinated by the rounds, they weren’t all that complicated in the least. They were small, almost 2 times the size of her thumb She glowed at the fact, if she opened one of these up, she could figure a way, to reproduce it. Multiple footstep came down the nearby hallway she grabbed the clips, and the box of rounds. She dashed into the vent, near seconds before they got in.

They came in to the locker open, and the vent cover sitting on the floor. They went outside, yelling nearly incomprehensible to her.

She was so happy, this was like a shopping spree for her. The best part was it was all free.
Posted: Jun 30 2006, 08:21 AM


Group: Members
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Joined: 18-June 06

Slipping down a maintenance corridor, she eluded the guards that were in pursuit. They passed and she slyly grinned. She recalled where she was in relation to the exit, because she needed a night on the town. She remembered a gym on the second floor, with a locker room. She usually just slipped on mechanics gear on, and passed through security no problem.

Jumping up she grab the ladder leading to floor B2’s maintenance corridor. She heard down the hall some scientists yelling something incompressible, she rolled her eyes.

“*sigh* nerds….”. It was right there she felt it again, a need, no even more- a compulsion. She had to go check it out for what ever reason. Part of her said no but the other yearned for yes.

“hmmm fine”, she said making her way over there slipping on the rest of her suit, trying to look as professional as possible.

<ooc. Everything is going to go down tomorrow, so all those who might be involved, if you are actually keeping up. This is your heads up ^^ ooc.>
Posted: Jul 1 2006, 07:06 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 47
Member No.: 469
Joined: 29-April 06

( Sedia )

She strode into the room as the scientists explained the happening previous to them, reporting to a superior officer, not over her though her of course, but all the same. She went to the soldiers looking in the ventilation system.

“*sigh*Are you done?” She said impatiently.

Standing up strait and looking her over and stuttering. “Uh … um ye-“, he said

“Good, hand over your side arm, I’ll go in after the perpetrator myself.” She closed her eyes having one arm folded up in to her other which was hugged close her body fore arm extended, expectantly.

“Um I’m not...” shooting a glance towards his commander, unsure.

The commander quickly sent a reassuring nod to him. She took the weapon, stuffing it in right pocket. She slid in to the vent gracefully.

She slid through until she found an open vent cover, either where the enemy entered or exited, time would tell as she entered the dark room.

( Valida )

Came into a room, a supply room, maybe a janitor closet she couldn’t really tell. It took a bit for her eye to adjust.

She came over to the light switch, and pulled the meter up.

A resounding *click* came from behind her as the hammer of a pistol locked into its firing position.
Posted: Jul 1 2006, 03:27 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 6
Member No.: 568
Joined: 18-June 06

“Ok lady, drop your rifle and put you hands behind your back.”, Sedia said.

*sigh* why is everyone calling me “lady”?

“Ok ok, just hold on.” She slid the rifle down on the ground. As she got up drew the pistol from her waist.

“Now your ha-“, she was cut short as she noticed the gun pointing at her from the woman’s side.

“You were saying” as she raised it to eye level.

Simultaneously they dropped their weapons. “Who are you?” they both said.

Both raised their weapons, pacing around the room. “Are you some simulation? Is this a test?” Sedia demanded.

“What are you on, ZAFT scum! I want to know what’s going on, who are you!” Valida retorted.

“Sedia Glacialis, of November city. And what’s yours since we are being so cordial.”, Sedia said.

“Valida Incendia, of November city. Um wait you are me but not me, how?”

“No your not I know ‘cuase I have a star outline in freckles on my right arm”, she wipe it out and showed her.

“Um, I ha-“ she showed the star on her arm as well “vet… that too.”

They dropped their guns and embraced. “I thought there was something here, something important you were it, this is what they have been hiding for so long.” Valida said.

Sedia said, ”You have to be my sister I just know it.”

“How did this happen?”

“I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out!”

“Wait you have just meet me, and they have raised you and your willing to turn on them?”

“They have always been distant, any have never really explained my special treatment, well I believe today I’ll finally find out! Stay here, I’ll be back in 15 minutes.”

“I’ll wait for you, but I’m still keeping this rifle at my side, and if anything goes wrong I’ll be on my way out of here, I can’t stay here! And if you can, you should come too.”

“Very well, but ill walk you out of here no questions asked, or at least I hop so.”

With that she left, closing the door behind her, and making a b-line towards the mainframe database service outlets, which have very minimal security check points, because of how deep it was in the base, it is trivial to have some many. Once she reach it, she sent everyone out, say there was a level 5 containment breach of the cryogenic tanks, and they were required to make there way to the upstairs main floor for evacuation, the would also need to tell everyone they could on their way up. This was the panic she was looking for. She found the encrypted files that were of two infants test subjects. Also she found the birth certificates for both Valida and herself, showing that they were twins. The rest of the information would have to b unencrypted she didn’t have the necessary extraction executables to do it here. She only hoped her sister was fairing all right.

Sedia came back and opened the door to find the inside of the closet, had been barricaded with 2 steel shelves piled on each other. Then there was Valida planted squarely behind them with her new rifle pointed directly at her.

“Well come on, no ones around they are all evacuating.” Sedia said.

“You must be my sister” as she got up they both giggled, stopped looked at each other and giggled again.

“Ok well my MS is in the docking bay near the interrogation office” she said to Sedia.

“Ok, well um here” she went over to an ammo crate dumping the ammo on the floor, “hop in here. We’ll smuggle you out. But once we get to your MS, it’ll be on you to get out of here, ill get in mine and buy us sometime. Is there anyone else here helping you?”

“Um yes well maybe, I haven’t seen him.”

“Oh…I see…”

“Oh shut up! It’s not like that, he’s just…sweet.”

“Ok what ever He can help out when he can, but for now let both get out of here and we can catch up on old times.”

“Ok, roger that. Lets do this!... And sis’?”

“Yeah”, said Sedia.

“Be careful”

“No more than you will’, she said with a grin as she closes the top.

The crate was already on a small cart so transporting he sister was easy. She took up the nearest comm. Station. “I need my ship prepped and ready for launch in 2 minutes.”, she said over the intercom to the technicians working in the MS bay.

“Yes Sir” the replied.

She heard a giggle, and then the sound of a whip came from the crate. After one good kick the crate settled down.

She got up top to the Interrogation area with its confiscated MS bay next to it, all the personnel were in a panic, officers and Soldier were trying to calm down the scientists which wasn’t working very well, it was actually quite comical. Leaving it near the bay, she whispered “ok make you way in and go hot when you here the first explosion.”

Valida left the crate, and dashed into the Firefly.

“It’s good to be home.” As she finished the prep work for take off. She sat and wait with her fingers on the controls waiting for the first sounds. AN open channel message came in. It was Sedia, “Do it, GO!”

Within seconds explosions went off in set of 3 or 4, so many so fast.

Valida powered up and her 4 12.5mm CIWS tear through the hangar door. The engines went hot and she blasted out of there. She survey ed the damage, as bullets started to fill the sky as 2 rogue fighters assaulted there own base.

Comm. came back on with a direct link, “You have some firepower, and hit this location with everything you have got.” A nav point was uploaded, a small out cropping of building nothing spectacular about them just denser walls then usual.

The comm. Came back on “That is a weapons depot, level it!”

“In that case!” Valida said to her self as she opened up with all 6 chain guns the 4 CIWS and the Vulcan cannons. Within seconds the buildings went up in a plume of white fire and smoke.

Valida replied on the comm. “We need to get out of here and fast, this isn’t a lot of damage this’ll just delay them a bit. They will be able to retaliate with in; I’d say a half hour at most.”

They blasted off keeping all systems down to conserve their energy.

“We have to go to Mendel” Sedia said.

“Why Mendel?”

“Gut feeling.”

“I understand… I hope my friend got out of the ok.”

“I wish for your friend’s safety as well.”

“At this rate they won’t be able to catch us for long time.”

“So we should be in the clear?”

“Yeah for now.”
Posted: Jul 2 2006, 01:21 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 47
Member No.: 469
Joined: 29-April 06

(FYI: Valida and Sedia our now in Mendel)
Posted: Jul 2 2006, 03:07 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 55
Member No.: 481
Joined: 6-May 06

*A short time before the whole explosion bit*

'Something just isn't right... I have a feeling Valida is going to do something wrong and end up jailed for good... Nevermind those thoughts, as long as she answers Hatashi honestly, things will be fine, is all Ryu thinks as he heads down the hall. *BANG* Perking his ears at the sound of a gun shot, Ryu says under his breath, "Damn that stupid girl, what the hell has she done now!" Now racing down the corridor, another soldier crosses paths with him and stopping short, the man tells Ryu, "That prisoner of yours has escaped, we have been given the order to seek and destroy her." That was all Ryu needed to hear to make up his mind, he couldn't allow something like this to happen to her no matter what the circumstances. Having no weapon, he says to the soldier, "Alright then, hand me one of your guns so I have something to use, you've always known I have a better shot then you." It could be assumed Ryu and this guy have known each other before, even if it were as acquaintences. After having the sidearm offered to him, Ryu takes the oppurtunity to pull him forward by the arm while delivering a solid chop at the side of his neck to send him to the ground. Crouching down while tucking away the semi-automatic pistol in his back pants, Ryu also takes the SMG as well for good measure before rushing towards the interrogation room. 'There's no way she'll still be around there, where could she be...' Opening the door to the room, Ryu takes notice of what transpired and groaning (making the assumption that Valida had shot Hatashi), he mutters, "Who the hell did I even... gah!" Not even finishing the thought, he is quick to get out of their and scouting the area, he retrieves an intercom device in order to use to hear any updates. "I'll definately need this if I want to find out what's happening with her." Pausing momentarily, he looks back down the way that leads towards the Olympus Trial-type and going over the various scenarios in his head, he says decisively, "Like hell i'll be getting another chance to get this thing after all the shit i've already caused. I've put too many years into testing it just to have the hope of using it in battle thrown away by superiors." Racing past various soldiers on his way their, he gets a few odd glances considering he's going in the wrong direction, but that doesn't matter at this point in time, they have more important issues. Reaching the room that has the blueprints of the GUNDAM model, Ryu is quick to steal these as he rolls them up, placing them in carrying tubes before heading towards the control room for the hangar doors... *COM* "She's gotten away in her MS and looks as though she's about to open fire on the weapons depot where the mobile suits are being held! All personell evactuate!" Turning the com device off, Ryu throws it to the ground while making his way towards the mobile suit, already making his way up into the cockpit while muttering, "Shit, shit, shit, shit..." Repeatedly as he tries to be quick about getting in. Putting on his helmet faster then he has ever had to before, Ryu starts the MS up quickly enough, praying to whatever god may listen as the machine comes to life, the engines humming sounding like a sweet tune played by some divine entity as he pours on the thrusters just as explosions begin to ensue. "I've got to make it!" Even as fire and debris cloud his field of view and crash against his mobile suit while taking off, Ryu manages to make it out of the explosion thanks to its speed and armour, a fiery explosion trailing behind him as he makes it out into space.

"Radars... Where the hell is the Firefly... Gotcha! I know where you're headed now, but I better get the hell out of here. Their gonna have my head on a platter for this undoubtedly." With the fantastic feel of flying the Olympus Trial-type once more, Ryu can't help but feel liberated at the freedom of abandoning the strict military code he's always been around; it was like nothing he's ever fealt before.

(OOC: THREAD CLOSED... I suppose?)
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