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 Mission of great peril; Fight Bravely Archangel!, EA attack on Martius City PLANT
Edana Caelan
Posted: Apr 6 2006, 03:28 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 16
Member No.: 407
Joined: 23-March 06

OOC: Five Scylla shots to take out half a mobile suit! Are you Crazy Kai!!, oh and Artemis, you better watch out, I'm gonna get you for stealing my Out Frame from me, lol. Warning, censored language ahead.

Edana watched her bullets bounce harmlessly off of the Eclipse's frame, what was it with these guys and Phase Shift armor, it was becoming more popular than beam weaponry it seemed. Warning lights went off in her suit as she saw the pair of beam shots fired from the Liberty streak towards her, along with a plethora of curving shots from the Eclipse.

"Oh S**T!"

Ed pushed the wing and back thrusters of the Arblade to their limits as she shot forward and out of the way of the incoming attacks. One of the Liberty's shots hit her suit's left wing, and a curving Scylla shot ensured that the wings were all but incinerated. The all but totaled suit grinded along the PLANTs artificial terrain as it rolled onto its back. She had lost her railgun and revolver in the roll, and without any thrusters it was impossible to move the suit to retrieve them. With less than half a mobile suit and some CIWS rounds to her name, Edana was effectively out of this battle. As much as she hated it, V was on her own, and the odds were going to be against her.

"Hold on V, I'm sure reinforcements will come soon... Might as well go find Tyr, I thought I saw him moving towards one of the buildings nearby..."

Opening the cockpit of her mobile suit, Ed climbed out of the Arblade; but not before grabbing the hand gun she kept in her cockpit for emergencies.

"Now, where did Tyr get to?"
Zelda Hawkins
Posted: Apr 6 2006, 08:37 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 17
Member No.: 309
Joined: 11-December 05

OOC: ... Can't write much...

IC: Zelda looked hopefully at the Mercenary holding the portable radio, every ounce of energy wishing that someone will answer their plea for help.

Suddenly he saw a female pilot walking towards them. She seemed to be holding a gun... Zelda didn't want to know wheather the bullets in it was for him ornot...

This post has been edited by Zelda Hawkins on Apr 8 2006, 09:15 PM
Kai Hiwatari
Posted: Apr 9 2006, 10:51 PM

Mercenary Leader

Group: Moderator
Posts: 260
Member No.: 126
Joined: 14-August 05

"Heh...This one didn't even lasted that long.."Kai sniggered and remembered his objectives. As he looked around, it seems that the past few battles he had, managed to do half of the dirty work. Destroyed buildings, grazened ground and smoke and fire almost everywhere. The olny place left is the main facility. Kai thrusted towards the facility. He didn't want to waste anymore time as he had already drained half of his battery.

Once he was near the facility, Kai thrusted upwards and began the destruction. Kai madly pressed the trigger, causing lots and lots of scylla shots being fired at the facility. Explosions and fire erupted from the area as if it was an active volcano. As the blast from the facility continued, the ground bellow began to crack and became unstable. "Time to get out of here,"Kai thought to himself and flew towards the boarder of the PLANT. Charging up the scylla cannon to 80% output, Kai fired the shot which managed to blast another hole for him to escape. Kai then flew out of the hole.

Now drifting in space, Kai realized that he was behind of Martius. There was no one here. Ka ithen thought of the unthinkable. "Why..Why do I have to stay and become the dog of the Earth Alliance? Should I escape? What about the drugs?"Kai thought to himself.

After a few minutes of thinking, he finally came up with a decision.

"Let us leave this place.."
Shani Andras
Posted: Apr 10 2006, 10:19 AM

Earth Alliance

Group: Members
Posts: 17
Member No.: 367
Joined: 26-February 06

Shani had seen that his suits power was starting to get into the danger zone. He also started to feel the drug he had taken start to wear off. He cursed under his breath and left the battle field. He soon came up on the Archangel and docked. He then got out of his suit and proceeded to the briefing room where he would then wait for the rest of the team to return.

((OOC:Writers block))
Takashi Wilhelm
Posted: Apr 14 2006, 08:59 AM


Group: Elite Member
Posts: 112
Member No.: 436
Joined: 13-April 06


Takashi stood in his green uniform, It wasnt as dignified as a red uniform, but it still suited him. He wore his white scarf over his uniform. Today was the day where he would meet his squad leader Dakiya Cheyenne. He tried to look as normal as possible, but sadly he couldnt change his serious expression. One of the few test type Kampfer units was recently delivered to the Main Facility for testing purposes. Takashi was selected to pilot unit 01 of the Kampfer line. Takashi was very skilled in basic training and in his Zaft Academy excercises, but he never made it to be a Red Coat. He was rewarded the opertunity to use the new mobile weapon.

A female tech approaches Takashi and smiles brightly. "We're ready for you to start the mobility tests for the Kampfer." Takashi looks up at the machine and lets out a smile. "Very well, lets see if MMI knows what they're doing." He walks by and onto the elevator platform. "Um, before we do the tests we need to attach these sensors to your body." Takashi looks back at her with a slight smile. "I see..." he pulls off his scarf and unbuttons his outer jacket. THe technican blushes and tries to look away. "What's the matter?" She shakes her head, "Nothing..." The appies several small sensors to his chest. "OKay, that's about it....Please put your uniform back on and board the Kampfer. Takashi nods slightly and looks over at the Kampfer.

Takashi reaches the top of the platform the colony shakes violently. "What the hell was that?" The facility alarms go off as the technicans scramble about. Takashi leans over the railing. "What is going on?" The female tech looks up, "It seems that the Alliance is attacking us! That's all we know. We have an order to support all MS and evacuate the facility." Takashi looks at the empty cockpit of the Kampfer and leaps inside. He pushes the start up button. The Zaft MOS boots up as the suit comes to life. Its mono eye flashes and moves left to right. "Incomming attack!" The canopy closes as the facility shakes violently. Takashi's eyes widen as the hanger is englufed in flames and falling debris. His eye widen as the female tech is killed and the facility collapses over the Kampfer.

~End Prologue~

A Kampfer jumps out of the remains of the flaming facility. The Kampfer's blue paint job was burned away to a grayish black. Takashi flips several switches as he wipes the sweat off his forehead. "Looks like you saved my life, but....." Takashi grips the controls and looks around, the Kampfer discharges coolant from its vents. "It didnt save the girl...." Takashi grits his teeth and pushes several switches. He tried to hold back his anger. "This is Takashi Wilhelm, I'm in the dark here. I need orders! To any nearby officer, repeat I need orders!" The Kampfer cautiously walks through the rubble keeping cover behind the tall city buildings. "I won't allow the naturals to make this into another Junius 7." Takashi pulls out the combat shotgun as the mono-eye moves left to right.

This post has been edited by Takashi Wilhelm on Apr 14 2006, 10:31 PM
Gabriel Stroud
Posted: Apr 14 2006, 08:12 PM

Earth Alliance

Group: Members
Posts: 15
Member No.: 435
Joined: 12-April 06

[Estimated Battle Report based on reading/skimming the posts]
[OMNI Earth Alliance]
1 X Archangel Class Battle Ship
2 X Agamemnon Carriers
6 X Nelson
16 X Drake
140 X Mobius
34 X S. Dagger
17 X Assorted (B.Dagger D.Dagger L.Dagger 105 Dagger.)
Also, you guys the EA "Non-grunts"

Zaft #1 Martius Base Defence Force
6 X Nazca
18 X Laurasia
57 X Assorted Zaku
41 X Guiaz
69 X Dinn
134 X Ginn
Also, the remaining ZAFT "Non-Grunts" from the M.B.D.F

Zaft #2 Reinforcement Fleet
1 x Nazca Geomancia
2 X Laurasia Micholoangelo, Galilie
4 X Gunner Zaku
8 X Slash Zaku
2 X Blaze Zaku Phantom
Also, the remaining ZAFT "Non-Grunts" from Artemis's Squad

[Purely Esitmated, didnt bother with the ships, since I didnt really see MS vs Ship combat. Only the AA pelting the colony with all its weapons. Also, since the colony has been punctured. The citizens that were still there would have been sucked out. Although its underquestion if the streets were evacuated prior to the battle.]
Takashi Wilhelm
Posted: Apr 15 2006, 06:58 AM


Group: Elite Member
Posts: 112
Member No.: 436
Joined: 13-April 06

Takashi could feel that the tension was dying down. He exits through the gaping hole in the colony. Outside the colony, remains of the EA's intial attack filled the area. Mobile Suit, and mobius parts drifted around the remaining suits. In the distance, Takashi looks at the blinking lights of the EA fleet. Although most of them have pulled back, he had no idea if they'd attack again. Also, some of the Zaku started to patch up the holes in the colony with an abrasive gel.

The colony was a mess, the civilian population wouldnt be able to leave the shelters for quite some time. There were still reports rolling in about activity in seperate districts of the colony. The Kampfer's engines flare as it blasts towards the lead Nazca carrier. It hovers by the bridge as the crew looks out the window. Takashi fires a communication line, "This is Takashi Wilhelm of the Dakiya squad, is my commander on board your ship?" THe captain wipes his face with a napkin. "No, how do you not know where your commander is?" Takashi closes his eyes, "I just was transfered here a day or so ago. today was when i was supposed to meet up with the rest of my team." The captain sighs, "I see, you should check with the Forseti. Perhaps you're commander will be there." Takashi salutes, "Thank you sir." The Kampfer's vernier flare as it blasts towards the blinking lights of the Forseti in the distanct. The captain lets out a sigh, "What are they teaching pilots nowadays in the academy?"

This post has been edited by Takashi Wilhelm on Apr 15 2006, 07:01 AM
Posted: Apr 21 2006, 06:57 PM

Kira's slave

Group: Moderator
Posts: 170
Member No.: 227
Joined: 26-September 05

OOC: I'm gonna borrow Valentine's char as she hasn't posted to my post yet.

IC: Slowly Jaina revolved around the white mobile suit with agile grace, effectively keeping it in roughly the same position with carefully placed lances of green which sizzled past limbs of the mobile suit. Suddenly a flurry of missiles spat out towards the Liberty and struck all over, igniting flames on the surface armour of the Gundam. Thanks to her Phase-Shift armour, the fire upon her suit did little to actually damage the Liberty; the explosion still blossomed around her. Quickly replacing the beam rifle on her hip she drew her right beam saber and charged out of the firey blossom and into enemy suit.

The pilot was quick to react however, and met her beam blade with a blade of her own and locked its green eyes with those of her own suit’s. The Liberty slowly overwhelmed the servos in the enemy suit’s right arm, but before she could fully push it back the enemy’s left arm rose and began to aim for her cockpit. With a furiously quick movements Jaina threw her shield into the face of the enemy suit, crushing it effectively and immobilizing the sensors located there. Before this had all finished however she had already drawn her second beam saber with her now free arm and slashed off the enemy’s right arm.

With both arms free now, Jaina slashed at her opponent’s other arm and sent a kick wheeling into the side of her opponent, sending it careening to the side. Not finished, the Liberty immediently swung around with both railguns deployed and fired two volleys into the thrusters of the enemy mobile suit, crippling the main propulsion system and effectively stranding it in the PLANT as it plummeted towards the artificial ground, crashing amongst several buildings on its back.

With the two hotshots dealt with, Jaina flicked her com-link active again and was amazed, no, astonished at the fact that it was in disarray. Cries and screams filled the channel, threatening to drown her in misery. From the gist of what the other pilots reported, the captain of the Archangel and the lead mobile suit had been captured by enemy forces and the Earth Alliance was now in full retreat.

“Son of a…” she muttered, looking around for the black mobile suit that was allied on her side. It was gone now. “Ok, only one in here.” Her power level was low now, roughly 30% of it still remained and she would need all of it to return home safely. The Earth Alliance would still pay her, job completed she would return to her hideout to meet up with her brother and Korin; both of whom she’d neglected to mention to about that jobs she had been taking up.

Slashing a head off an enemy Zaku as it moved to block her, Jaina sent it wheeling towards the ground of the PLANT in an uncontrolled dive before becoming rubble. Almost no Earth Alliance Forces could be seen fighting, what little were left were fighting for their lives against the overwhelming ZAFT forces. “No reason to stick around.” She muttered and set her thrusters to maximum towards the Crescent Memory base.
Edana Caelan
Posted: Apr 30 2006, 02:41 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 16
Member No.: 407
Joined: 23-March 06

With the mobile suits in the colony either destroyed or escaped, it wasn't long before rescue crews came to search for survivors. Amazingly, Edana, Tyr, V, and the ZAFT soldier Zelda Hawkins had all survived their run ins with the two mercenary Gundams, and they were taken to a more secure Martius PLANT for medical treatment. Their mobile suits were retrieved and were repaired, and all was set back in order, or at least as well as it could be. There would always be people who will remember the tragedy that happened at Martius, and the PLANT that had been the target of the attack would never be the same again.

Edana looked out the window of the car that was taking her to her freshly repaired Arblade and sighed,

"Same S***, different day. At least I got paid for the trouble I went through..."

OOC: Okay, so the battle is officially over as of now. And in the place of my other character, Lilium, I will tally up the final damage report for both sides. It includes damaged suits and mercenaries who were involved as well.

ZAFT Confirmed casualties
21x GINN
6x Zaku
1x Zaku (damaged)
1x CGUE DEEP Arms (damaged)
1x Alt Eisen (damaged)
1x Weiss Ritter (damaged)
1x Arblade (damaged)
1x Torment (damaged)
2x GuAIZ (damaged)
1x Wild Wurger (damaged)

EA Confirmed casualties
9x Moebius
1x Moebius Zero (damaged)
7x Strike Dagger
1x Command Dagger (damaged)
1x Astray Out Frame (captured)
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