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 Into the Darkness, Military Departure Area, 1600H
Radon Antila
Posted: Oct 9 2006, 09:37 AM

Orb Union

Group: Members
Posts: 47
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Joined: 17-June 06

[OOC: From Main City - Radon's Apartment II. Closed thread, and my first ever post outside the Main City section.]

Radon stepped off the ferry of Onogoro, searching around for any obvious signs as to where transportation to the gigantic linear rail just behind the mesa could be found. Locating the shuttle stop, Radon followed the crowd that was headed in the same way; some were men in suits, probably executives, while some where families that, judging from the amount of shopping bags they were bringing, probably lived on the colony and were tourists. He lined up along with the others, looking at the red timer just above them that said the shuttlebus would be arriving in 2 minutes.

He didn't have to wait too long. A military jeep drove up to the stop and Rear Admiral Lance Olsen was in the rear passenger seat. Only then did Radon realize that he hadn't gone to the Naval Base to pick up his proper attire, and was clothed only in plain civvies.

"Lieutenant," came the cold address from the superior officer. "Get on."

Radon meekly left the line amidst the whispering that ensued. Apparently, he really didn't look like an officer. Unfortunately, the Rear Admiral didn't seem to care. Radon slung his bag onto the back of the jeep, then hopped aboard, sitting beside the officer.

"Head back to Kaguya," Olsen instructed the driver. For the remainder of the drive, the man made no sounds or motions whatsoever; if Radon wasn't too intimidated to look, he would swear the man didn't even blink. The jeep drove past the civilian terminal, and went straight to the military terminal that was located between the mass driver and the Orb Military Forces' headquarters on Onogoro.

When the jeep stopped, only then did the officer turn to his direction. "Go find Dr. Summers. She should be getting ready to board. If she's not, tell her she should be. Also, lieutenant, never go to Onogoro wearing anything other than your officer's uniform, understood?"

"Yes, sir!" was all Radon could reply, though only half-heartedly, as the intimidation factor was still very much present. Only when he saluted did the other man get driven off to the direction of a large crate, which Radon surmised was probably the Moebius simulator being loaded onto the spaceship.

As soon as the jeep was a blur, Radon turned around and entered the military compound. Even without flashing his ID, he was waved in; either his Lieutenant's rank was sent across the country on a memo, or the mere sight of Rear Admiral Olsen cowed the guards into submissive. There was no time to make sure, but he was certain it was the latter.

Using the ludicrously efficient signages around the terminal, it was easy for Radon to make his way to the boarding area. Locating Marion was even simpler - she was wearing the bright red casual dress that she usually only wore when they were off-duty.

"Marion!" he called out, making the doctor turn around.

"Radon!" she replied, as if playing a game of 'Marco Polo'. She immediately strode to his direction, walking so sensually that a lot of the guards on duty could not help but stare. For his part, Radon was already immune to her unintentional charms; he was just too used to seeing her in an unflattering lab coat for him to react inappropriately. Besides, the one time he did, she teased him about it incessantly.

"The Rear Admiral says to get prepped for boarding. I think he was threatening rather than telling," Radon informed his sole female friend in Orb.

"Well then, let's not disappoint him, shall we?" she giggled. Playfully taking his arm, to the consternation of many other soldiers, she escorted him to the boarding ramp. "You didn't have to bring anything," Marion said, "our things have already been loaded inside."

"I hope my uniform's in there," Radon admitted sheepishly. "Olsen made it clear that I was never again to set foot on this island without it."

She laughed heartily. "Then you should never forget that," she said, trying to emulate the rear admiral. Immediately, she returned to her own voice. "I'm sure it's in among the hand-carried baggage somewhere. Despite this being a military facility, that space shuttle is for civilians. It's technically a ship version of an officer's lounge."

"You've rode it before?"

Her mood turned somber. "When I... moved to Orb."

"Ah, I see," Radon said, pursuing the matter no further, as he already knew what that meant. Instead, he just walked both of them inside the curiously luxurious ship, and was surprised to see that one of the femal ensigns had even been assigned as a stewardess.

"Your seats are those, lieutenant, doctor."

"Thank you, you're such a dear," teased Marion. It worked; even the female ensign was charmed.

"Lead me to my seat, honey," she then directed to Radon. Now she was teasing him, too. Radon just smiled and went along with it. He wouldn't openly admit it, but he missed those moments. They had been out of touch for far too long.


As the shuttle lurched away from the mass driver, Radon immediately began to feel faint. Years ago, pulling 9 G's was no big deal to him, but the stress of test piloting had long exhausted his stamina. His eyes closed involuntarily, and only when they finally left the gravitic pull of the Earth did he regain consciousness. Radon found that Marion had fainted as well, and was resting her pretty head on his shoulder.

"Did I just think of her as pretty?" he thought. Regardless, he began to nudge her awake, but it was evident that she had not actually fainted - she simply fell asleep. Radon could do nothing about that now.

He looked out through the port holes that line the ship, watching the majesty that was the Earth move farther and farther away. In the distance, he could see the same stars that he spied from his bedroom window, glistening as though they were welcoming him.

But he didn't feel welcome. The last time he was out in space was for the trials of the Moebius, and though ZAFT had a heavier military presence out here than down there, the EA still controlled a sizable chunk of space. The thought itself was more than enough to give him the chills. After all, what would the EA (or Orb, for that matter) think when reports came in of a Moebius Zero flying around Heliopolis, fully armed?

As the hours ticked by and the shuttle began it's landing procedures to what seemed to be another military-type docking area, Radon hoped that whatever they needed him to do up here was not of a militant nature. Of course, given that he was working for his new country's military, that was the least likely wish to be fulfilled. At the moment, he was just glad to have a friend beside him, and he kissed Marion on the forehead in gratitude.

Her eyes popped open. "Did you just kiss me?" came her cry, with a wide grin.

"Ah... no!" Radon lied.

"Yes, you did!" she said, feeling her skin. "Ha! See! You kissed me!" she cried out triumphantly, and not in embarassment.

Radon knew she wouldn't let him forget it anytime soon.

[OOC: Moving to Heliopolis - Questions Left Unasked.]

This post has been edited by Radon Antila on Oct 9 2006, 09:46 AM
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