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Posted: Mar 31 2007, 07:32 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 74
Member No.: 238
Joined: 1-October 05

A Terrifying Predicament
The situation has gotten out of hand. Their affiliated group, the Ordeals, attacked the guild, the Righteous Supremacy. It has been along day of battling but just as the Righteous Supremacy were about to win, the Ordeals new affiliated guild came in, the Severity’s

The Righteous Supremacy knew that a predicament like this would happen so they called for reinforcements but with no reply. They escaped from the two guilds and ran to their castle, which was guarded. If there was any resistance.

It was guarantee that Righteous supremacy would lose without a lot of weapons. They have sufficient amount of weapons but not wont win with them. The guild had to separate into two parties, even though they may get targeted easier and might die faster, or maybe not.

Miraculously a light illuminated before they could split up into two parties, their reinforcements arrived, Righteous Fury and Righteous Velocity. Occasionally the guilds were always late. Ordeals and Severity were aggravated and started to attack in with mass groups but then the three guilds, Righteous Supremacy, Righteous Fury and Righteous Velocity used their special guild skill called ‘Supreme Fury Velo’ and wiped most of the groups from the opposing two guilds.

Not all have fallen, four remain and two of them are the leaders of the two guilds and the other two are the vice-leaders of the two guilds. Them four are enough to take down the three Righteous guilds. The four charged to attack and did what the righteous guild did, wipe out most of there members.

The guild leaders of the Righteous guilds only survived, they were shocked that they could do something like that. It was three versus four, good versus bad. Without notice Ordeals and Severity charged in with high-speed and swung their swords around, but each swing missed as the righteous guilds, swayed every time they would swing.

Righteous Supremacy, Fury and Velocity moved in with greater speed then Ordeals and Severity and slashed them then, once again used ‘Supreme Fury Velo’ and the four leaders/vice-leaders fell as they have lost the match.

Now it’s just Righteous Supremacy, Fury and Velocity that stand tall, but unfortunately if they didn’t want to lose anymore members and friends, they had to disband the guild so a tragedy like this wont happen again. So now they live peacefully hiding away in a little village.

Ocean Tragedy
It was to be a trip of a lifetime where my family and villagers where I live, went to the ocean to celebrate the time I, Ratix, Haytso and Ralohcs arrived after the battle with the Ordeals and the Severities.

It has been since years since then, so we lived peacefully now. It was a nice sunny day with the shimmering light surrounding the beach, also the soothing sound of the swaying ocean, the laughter of the children and the squawk of the seagulls.

Everyone was having a great time, but suddenly with an eerie sound occurred. A loud shriek was heard, accompanied by many others. We all hurried to the shore and saw a vessel. There were mermen with large spears on the vessel.

The cries of agony, heard from the vessel reached the people on the shore. Haytso and Ralohcs and I got our weapons and swam to the vessel. As they got there, the merman’s initiated the attack on the civilians.

We guarded the attack with continuous blows of up-ward slashes. One of the mermen penetrated Haytso’s guard and fell unconscious. Without notice, the occupants that were on the vessel swam to shore. The ship started capsizing and Haytso, Ralohcs, the merman and I fell into the watery abyss.

When we came to, the mermen were dead and Haytso and Ralohcs injured. I didn’t know where we are but it looked as if we were in a small cave. Misfortune had brought its ugly head upon us when I noticed that this was the home cave of the race Baphomet and Baphomet.Jr. A Baphomet is a giant goat standing on two legs holding a scythe.

One of them appeared, I was the only one mobile at the time, The Baphomet was sniffing around for he has smelt us. I got up and charged with high speed, but he guarded my blow with his scythe. Since I had great dexterity, I was very accurate with each blow but each blow I have made, the Baphomet seems to be guarding every one.

For every blow I executed with my weapon, my fatigue increased. I was about to collapse until Baphomet made his move and swang his scythe slashing upwards going across my chest; I fell close to the ground where Haytso and Ralohcs have been resting. I was in a pinch, every second the distance between us closed.

It came to me, that I could still be able to use our guild if I was near my brothers. I slowly chanted due to the pain on my chest. Su..pr..em.e.. Fu..ry.. Ve..lo.. a bright light occurred and a loud shriek. When I came to, Haytso and Ralohcs were there and helped me up and the three of us looked for a way out. Once we found one, we swam to the surface.

When we rose to the surface, we swam to the shore. We were shocked; Haytso, Ralohcs and I were completely devastated to what our eyes have seen. All the villagers were dead. Blood covered the sand, there were no trace of the people from the vessel earlier, but footprints from the blood trailed into the forest.

It is as if wherever we go, everywhere we stop, whoever we befriend, death follows us.

The 3 brothers went to see the valkryie, they had all asked her a favour, but the favour they asked was quite extreme, they asked the valkrye to change all three of them back to the novice class, but the valkryie had told them that since they are the powerfulst people ever, they will lose memory of each other and must never to meet ever again, Ratix, Haytso and Ralohcs agreed and novice they became and were scattered to the towns.

"This diary is very old and is very famous everywhere, this diary is 500 years old and a great time, there are other diary entries but are yet to be found..." (Old Man retelling this story to little kids.)

Ratix, the republic of Juno
Haytso, the capital of Midgard Prontera
Ralohcs, the Magic city geffen

(ooc: my school work but the last paragraph i made up on the spot lol
Longest post ever? maybe haha >.<)

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Posted: Apr 2 2007, 06:28 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 43
Member No.: 252
Joined: 13-October 05

It was time. Siz knew her journey would begin now. After suffering through her blurry past and withstanding the rough days of training, she would now finally become a novice and enter in this new world of opportunities.

This was a new start to a new life. What she experienced in her past no longer mattered. Siz felt like she had evolved into a new person, a person who she never knew existed inside her before, and is wanting to come out. She felt a lot stronger than she used to, and she knew that the past was to be learnt from, not to be regretted forever.

As Siz entered the tall gates that led to this new and wonderful world of Ragnarok, she embraced herself with the experience that she would encounter. Siz smiled to herself and took a deep breath, and with that she took one step into this unfamiliar world to start her journey...
Posted: Apr 2 2007, 07:18 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 74
Member No.: 238
Joined: 1-October 05

Ratix had woken up, he opened his eyes gently seeing the bright sun with the chirping birds, he wondered where he was, he hadn't a clue. He looked around and there was standing this tall building, so to find out more about this place he was in he went in to see if he can get some answers.

There standing behind the counter was a sage, a class brached from the mage class, Ratix approached him and asked various questions.
"Excuse me sir, may i know the location of where i am in now?"

The man replied: Your in the room where you apply to become a sage and this building is in the wotn of JUNO!!, if you want to be a sage you must first become a novice, i think your wondering what will benefit from a sage huh? Well you can use awsome skills and use skills no other class can use but yours. Its a great oppurtunity.

Ratix with the shinning eyes in his looks wanting to become a sage, so he asked where to become a novice, he straight away grinned ans suddenly Ratix was teleported to Geffen and was instantly turned into a novice, "Wow what just happened?" he wondered.

The sage grinned again and softly said to himself.."My role has ended, back to meet the other person."

He looked around and staring in front him was a beautiful fountain, he found some basic weapons and wondered and saw a huge gate and thought that this is what he wanted to do of all things right now.

The gates opened and he walked through....

(OOC: read the last bit siz, i just added something little =D)

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Posted: Apr 3 2007, 04:34 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 43
Member No.: 252
Joined: 13-October 05

Siz entered the huge gates. A crusader stood behind a counter in the centre of the tall and dark hall. Siz saw a novice walk past her after consulting with the man behind the desk. Siz looked at the crusader in awe. He had a strong aura about him, and his chain mail gleamed in the dusty hall. His had a stern look on his face, but it showed no arrogance nor boastfulness. He looked like someone who everyone respected, a person who will fight til his last breath for justice. Siz realised that he was what she wanted to be all along - a crusader.

"Umm... excuse me Sir, how can I become a crusader just like you?" asked Siz as she approached the counter awkwardly.
The crusader looked at Siz straight in the eye. Siz felt the intensity in his stare and gulped with uncertainty. But she knew she had to defend her stance, and she stared back at him, trying to portray her diminishing confidence. Siz could feel his stare penetrating to the back of her skull, straight through her mind and her thoughts.

Suddenly, the crusader's look weakened. A slight gleam appeared in his eyes, and his lips started to curl up. He was smiling. Siz was shocked at the suddenness, but she realised that it was a genuine smile coming from his heart. Siz felt like laughing at the awkwardness, but stopped herself from doing so. The crusader, however, let out a huge hearty laugh.
"Ho ho ho! Look at you!" he laughed.

Siz gasped with shock, but she looked down at herself. Her clothes had completely transformed into those of a novice! Siz admired her new outfit and realised that her new journey was about to begin.
"Hey thanks..." siz started to say to the crusader. But she looked up and realised that he was gone.
"Woa..." Siz quietly said to herself and shook her head to gain certainty. But she looked back and he was no where to be seen. Siz rubbed her hands on her eyes.

She looked back up. Suddenly, her surroundings changed. She was no longer in the musty dark hall, but was now surrounded by a lot of people, and the noise of chatting. Siz looked at her surroundings. She was transported to the middle of some small town. A sign to her left read "IZLUDE".
Posted: Apr 3 2007, 05:15 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 74
Member No.: 238
Joined: 1-October 05

Ratix went out into the beautiful birdge just west of Geffen, monsters gathered around and thought to himself, This is my chance!

Ratix jumped in front of a poring and started whacking it crazily not doing much damage, he started to swt after some time and finally the poring was defeated!
Ratix was exhausted and exited netheraless. He took out a red potion and drank it to replenish his health.

To himself again he said "Alright, time for the next one." He then came across a fabre, it looked like a catipillar, so he started to whack it againand took him a while to defeating it but after he had defeated the fabre, his fatigue was gone, he felt much stonger than before.

He continued this after a long time and suddenly he met that sage again. He yellled out to him from a distance. "Hey Mister Sage, its me remember me!?"
The Sage approached him and smiled at him with much delight, said to Ratix slowly, "Looks like you are experienced to change into the mage class. You've been fighting hard have you? with a big grin on his face.
"Yes." Rat answered back, I can change into a mage class? where do i do th-."

Ratix looked around and he was in a different room, he thought to himself that that was incredibly weird so he asked the lady that he wanted to be a mage, she looked at him and the mage lady knew straight away,so she gave him a different assignment then for other novices, she asked him, i need you to find me an item and if you bring them to me you can become a mage, i want you to bring me a diary entry of the famous story, it is called A Terrifying Predicament.

Ratix agreed to it and left with a big smile on his face, he skipped out and started to sing "Im going to get the diary entry so i can be a mage!".
Posted: Apr 3 2007, 05:42 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 718
Joined: 3-April 07

Hiro entered the Ragnarok hall. He admired the patriotic flags hung decorating the room, but either than that, he had no interest whatsoever in deciding his class and job. His parents told him "Be a knight. Get a decent job." But Hiro never really cared. All he ever wanted to be was to be a musician, a bard, but he knew from the beginning that his parents completely opposed the thought.

Hiro sighed. He looked around the hall until he realised there was a counter in the center of the room. A shadowy figure stood behind it. Hiro reluctantly approached the counter, and as he came close he could see the outline of a man. But the room was too dark for him to see the man's facial features.
"Hey..." Hiro started, "where do I go to get a job?"
The man was quiet. Suddenly in a low booming voice he responded.
"I can't grant you that wish, until you finalise a decision."

Hiro was confused. What is the man talking about? What decision? About his job?? Well, if he can't be a musician, then anything will do, as long as the job is easy.
"Really?" said the man suddenly.
"How did he know what I was thinking about??!" thought Hiro. He looked at the man suspiciously. Through the dark, he could just about distinguish the man's mouth, although the upper part of his face was completely hidden in the pitch dark. His mouth curled into a smile. Hiro stood aback and felt shock. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on its ends.

Hiro didn't know what to say.
"Really?" the booming voice repeated again. Hiro gulped a heavy breath.
"Y-y-yes..." he stumbled out. Hiro didn't know what to do or say. All he knew was that he felt incredibly uncomfortable talking to this man.

The figure suddenly started moving. Slowly at first, but gradually became quite swift actions, just side to side. The figure is morphing! There was a big blur of blackness infront of Hiro, as Hiro gaped at the strange event occuring infront of him. The man suddenly changed his appearance in one quick action. A cloth is wrapped around his face, showing only his dark hollow eyes. An assassin.

"I command you..." the man bellowed.
Suddenly everything around Hiro started to spin. He was no longer in the hall no more. He was in a desert town called Morroc, and his casual clothes was replaced with the appearance of a novice.
"Where am I?" said Hiro to himself.
Cagalli Yula Athha
Posted: Apr 6 2007, 02:08 AM

Orb Union Princess

Group: Admin
Posts: 83
Member No.: 21
Joined: 7-July 05

OOC: Hello.. in the case that you guys didn't know, this site has moved to Advent Destiny with a new storyline. Maybe you would like to join us there?
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