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We will be closing down the site in August. For more details, please visit here. Additionally, the website will be open for guest viewing until the website closes. Thanks for your support.
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Against our wishes, we were forced to close the site. Even though it has been going strong for a while now, along with 'House', the show, the users have not been dedicated and have abandoned the site. After all, the administrator had nearly 80% of the posts and most moderators had forgotten to come back. Rules were rarely enforced, posts were sloppily written, and the site generated little traffic in comparison to other sites. This site was a lesson to me (the admin) that if you don't have the devoted community, you won't be able to achieve success. I'd like to thank sha715_housefan personally for helping this site becoming what it was during the glory days and I apologize if I've caused you any trouble or if I've let you down.

When it comes to a redesigned website, I felt that it was too late to introduce one and production on the next one lagged. I've set up another website based on a different subject: Gaming. It has been much more successful and is much easier to handle, luckily. I do hope to set up a House blog to report all my findings and more. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Best luck. Best wishes.
--Housefan, signing off.
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