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 Fantasy Banality
Posted by Humble Hobo - 03-20-07 22:15 - 15 comments
So, What is your least favorite fantasy cliche?
What do you think has been used far too much, or has a reputation of abundancy and low-quality?

For me, it would be Dragons.
They are truly awesome, but they have just been ...read more
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 Nemia's gettin' organized!
Posted by Humble Hobo - 08-22-06 00:07 - 4 comments
Just because of the sheer mass of text descriptions I have on my comp, I've placed the more ... lengthy pieces in my very own wiki! Wiki Nemia

A grand tota ...read more
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 This'n's for Ameninju.
Posted by ||| - 07-16-06 02:13 - 5 comments
I was just surfing around Wikipedia's section on oceanography, and there's some really interesting stuff in there. I don't know if you've seen if before or not, but if not, it might be inspiring for your "pelagic world" fol ...read more
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Posted by ||| - 07-6-06 16:15 - 9 comments
As some of the folks here know ( >_> ), I'm a bit of an artist.

A week or so ago, I was sketching idly around and a young man popped into being on the page. He's since been partially named and partially placed, but I'm ...read more
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 Celtic knots + Elder Gods
Posted by ||| - 05-25-06 00:50 - 6 comments
Inspired by a couple different things, I've started some casual work on an as-yet unformed new culture, which is currently in the "mood and theme" stage.

Basically? Druidyish, celtic-influences people who worship crazybig te ...read more
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Posted by tsuyoshikentsu - 05-14-06 06:45 - 1 comments
Dawn of Worlds.

Twelve pages and 2d6 worth of worldbuilding goodness, now in crunchy multiplayer format!
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 One at a Time--
Posted by ||| - 05-12-06 19:17 - 6 comments
How about you guys? I'm an all at once sort of chick.
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 For Writers of Fantasy
Posted by shaya - 03-17-06 16:56 - 9 comments
Limyaael's Fantasy Rants

Those are a bunch of "rants" - more like essays or lesson thi ...read more
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 Really rough world
Posted by Phoenix - 03-16-06 03:21 - 12 comments
My land is essentially separated into three different realms. Each realm has its own unique distinction, which I will expand on soon, and the parts of these realms are important to the overall story, which, in summari ...read more
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 How did you start worldbuilding?
Posted by ||| - 03-16-06 01:29 - 57 comments
Hey, folks and folkettes. Thought I'd start us off with a little personal question for everyone wandering by:

How did you start worldbuilding?

Give us a little talk up on your start. Don't worry about embarrassme ...read more
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